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duncanveronica's Journal

You Look So Fine - A Duncan and Veronica Community
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All Members , Moderated
About the Community:
This is a community for fans of Duncan/Veronica from the cult hit UPN television series "UPN". Anything related to D/V and ONLY D/V can be found here.

I don't have many rules but the ones I do have MUST be followed or else you will
incur the wrath of the formidable moderator.

1. No bashing of any kind. Contributing a differing opinion is one thing, but completely bashing someone else's opinion is another. Let's play nice, kiddies.

2. This is a Duncan/Veronica community, which means you can post Duncan/Veronica icons, Duncan/Veronica fanfiction...pretty much Duncan/Veronica anything but don't post anything on any other ships. Save that for other communities dealing with those ships or actors.

3. Keep the cursing to a minimum. (Unless it's in fic. That's fine.)

4. Basically just be mature and respectful and you'll be fine.